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    We are a small community in West Cavan trying to save our school. With a dwindling population we are asking you to take the plunge and join us. There is no commitment required, simply give country life a go and we will do everything we can to support you. Come and enjoy our Family Day on June 23rd and see what we are all about.

    Our School

    Curravagh National School was established in 1933. It has always produced free thinking, entrepreneurial individuals as there is little room for wall flowers with such small classes. Therefore each child has the unique experience of being treated as such, their talents cherished and their confidence blossom.


    There are few places left on earth that boast Glangevlin’s unique status. While distinctly remote we are central to so much and within an hour you can find yourself in Donegal, Cavan, Sligo and Enniskillen towns offering a range of commuter opportunities. We are a small community that offers a gateway to the past and a viable alternative to present living.

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