We are a small community in west Cavan trying to save our school. With a dwindling population we are asking you to take the plunge and join us for a year of rural living. There is no commitment required, simply give country living a go and we will do everything to support you.

Have you ever considered a move to the countryside. A year of rural living can reset your clock, offer you a different pace of life and a different perspective, the children become increasingly aware of the seasons, (picking the fruit on the hedgerow), aware of time, (through the expansive views of our sunrise and sunset), and space (the stars; with little to no light pollution our nights are as spectacular as our days).

If only as a respite from city living or a break, we ask that you consider this experience. Glangevlin has never had this opportunity to invite people to live in our community but a small number of homes have been made available to us in our efforts to save the school. Come and check us out on our Family Day Saturday June 23rd and stay and enjoy our Irish music festival while your here. We’d love to meet you.